The nature of OGA comes directly from its youth, dynamism and entrepreneurship and is engaged in the professional practice of law in the areas of legal advice and legal representation, as well
as in other several areas of law.

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Do you know?


The creation of our logo was based on the figure of a "scale",
symbol of justice, where balance is the key.


The graphic balance was achieved by the interaction
of the graphic elements of the spheres. This balance is transmitted with the larger spheres containing the initials of the founders of  the society.
They are two aligned and same size spheres.


To complete the balance concept of the image, it was inserted a new sphere.
This smaller sphere, the central figure of the logo, covers several concepts. Marked with "&", this element symbolizes the group,
the gathering of the parts which make up the whole.



The colour in this logo was chosen in order
to convey the seriousness thereof, it's a color that communicates solidity.

Two solid elements defended by another solid element that symbolizes the unity and the commitment of teamwork.


The used typeface also conveys the serious nature of the activity.
Simple, straight and classic, the font type emanates the image of integrity.

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